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Interview: Jeesoo and the Fine Art of Hiring Talent

"For me, the authenticity aspect of job searching is most important."

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Interview: Jacob Rubin on Identity

"I think in general that the romantic notion of art is shifting. I think people aren't as into that idea."

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Interview: Chana Budgazad Sheldon on Representation

"Our exhibitions will present a space where the community can come and see a reflection of themselves in our shows."

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Interview: Fred Stutzman on Accountability

"The fact that we're addicted to tech, that's not so much a failing of us, it's a failing of policy."

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Interview: Amanda C. Miller on Tradition

"I don't think you can have a conversation about food or food journalism without addressing social media."

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CultureTasha Gideon
Interview: Kat Typaldos on Costumes

"It's working very closely with a team of people that come together to create an image of something cool."

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Culture, DesignTasha Gideon
Interview: Glynnis MacNicol on Her New Memoir

"I sometimes think that we're performing feminism, and packaging it and selling it. "

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Culture, Careers, EconomicsTasha Gideon
Interview: Alexis Coe on Underdogs

"I always say that if I write a memoir one day it will be titled 'It Makes Sense in Retrospect'."

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Interview: Caitlin Silverstein on Design Thinking

“If you wake up trying to make anything better, in service of people, you're a designer.”

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Interview: William Kelly on Collection, Chaos, & Order

"We see ourselves as stewards for the generation of scholars that will come after us.”

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Interview: Ana Gómez Bernaus on Trends in Typography

“The way you build the letters gives a voice to the words you're working with."

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DesignTasha Gideon
Interview: Danielle Kayembe on The Economics of Female Futurism

“Once they realize what a resource women are, I think companies are gonna be kicking themselves.”

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