Business Innovation, Marketing, and Design



Our unique approach produces clarity and cultivates value for initiatives, products, and organizations.


Our multidisciplinary, collaborative service offerings

span research, implementation, reporting, and iterative design.


Verrah combines soft and hard sciences in a unique approach that opens up closed-off thinking, digs deeper into foundational work, and perfects products and plans.


You’ll work with experts in research, social sciences, design, strategy, business development, CX, UX, UI, and marketing to strengthen your relevance and deepen your impact.



Brand Development

Define what defines you. Develop a solid base for fruitful interactions between your brand and your customers through our innovative application of human-centered design, social sciences, visual design, and creative editorial.

Brand audits - Identity iteration and migration - Brand positioning -Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs - Employer branding - Brand style and voice guides



Use the right channels, the right way. Resourceful, smart communication intensifies your value proposition by delivering immediate benefits to your audience. We work backward from your goals and resources and review what’s already worked for you before recommending an approach. Our innovative Creative team is grounded in reality; concrete metrics come standard.

Customer relationship management (CRM) development - Audience segmentation - Content audits - Audience-focused strategies - White papers and case studies - Thought leadership and executive articles - Channel strategies - Resource allocation - Campaigns - Automation - Communication design

Venture & Growth Design

We reality-check your existing business or new venture’s best ideas. Our design-thinking approach means better stakeholder alignment, more efficient use of resources, shorter time to market, and a higher chance of success.

Trend mapping - Opportunity identification and development - Consumer behavior research - Competitive analysis - Innovation and iteration - Pitch decks and coaching


Customer Experience (CX)

Companies can radically differentiate themselves through good CX, which directly impacts revenue, bottom line, and valuation. CX is a cross-departmental flywheel that accelerates your growth. Reduce churn, deepen adoption, and nurture superfans by gathering customer insights that proactively and systematically refine your approach and offerings.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) development - Fulfillment design - Community design & development - Scripting - Automation design - Tech stack recommendations


Product & Service Design

Design changes the way your customers feel about your company. We align users’ product interactions with your business goals, with particular attention paid to enchanting them, not just serving their needs.

Customers now have unprecedented power to amplify their impression of you across social and professional networks. We show you how to get it right, using our particular expertise folding in unexpected elements like compassion and delight.

User Experience (UX) - User Interface (UI) - Brand alignment - Portfolio development - Iteration and roadmap planning